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Purple Buds


Scoota Bugs- The Beginning
Scoota Bugs- The Beginning, is an inspirational children's book that emphasizes the power of children believing in themselves, and being willing to study and work hard to get good grades in school. Scoota Bugs are colorful insect bugs who in this 1st edition, encourage and support a friend who believes she is not smart enough to pass her test. But the Scoota Bugs help their friend. that is in need of tutoring to build her self-esteem. Scoota Bugs-The Beginning is written and self-published by sisters Gail George and Gina Moore-Herring. 

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NYU Dovetail 2018 & 2022
Dovetail is an annual art/literary journal of NYU It is devoted to publishing and honoring the voices, craft, and originality of emerging writers and artists. I was honored to have 2 pieces of my writings to be chosen for publishing. 
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