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The Warmth of The Sun Trailer is a preview of the Brenda Renee Moore documentary. It is a story of resilience, determination, and passion for life despite a 15-year illness and drug addiction. It is spiritually rooted in the power of a family's love, through the pain and suffering endured from destructive life choices. Brenda's story will make you laugh and cry as it tells of a woman empowered with restorative healing and redemption through faith and God's amazing grace. 

Not Just Another AIDS Story, is a tribute to the life of Brenda Renee Moore; a vibrant woman with so much potential until peer pressure and poor choices changed the course of her life. Her faith, sense of humor and determination  kept her going, despite 15-years of sickness. She handled her pain with strength and dignity, until her purpose in life was fulfilled, which was to educate and inspire others.

Get Out-Trailer RECUT- This (student) short film trailer is a RECUT of "Get Out". It turns this iconic horror film into a love story genre. It is the story of young couple in love, headed to Rose's parents. The weekend in the Hamptons, quickly turn into a pressure-filled wacky time when Chris and Rose's mother share a very intimate moment. Chris is later racked with guilt, and needs to quickly Get Out.

rachel n leah GONE still shot.JPG
Co-existing still shot.JPG

Gone, is a (student) short film that focuses on the close relationship between two sisters who have experienced family tragedy, causing them to rely solely on each other. One day,
the older sister is suddenly gone, causing the younger sister to spiral through depression. Gone is a story of sisterly love.

Co-Existing, is a short (student group) film about a blind date couple who has a great evening until they wake up married. They quickly learn they are not compatible and begin to drive each other crazy as they learn more and more about on another.

Lost Keys, is a playful (student) short silent film of two sisters on their way to meet their mom for an important appointment, until they realize they've lost their keys and the appointment has to be canceled. Their main concern, is how their mom is going to take the news.

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