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Growing up, there were three things I loved to do to express myself; dress up in fashionable, colorful clothing, to dance and act silly around the house, and I loved to create interesting stories with characters I could relate to.

To satisfy my love of fashion, I attended Fashion High, then Fashion Institute of Technology. I later accepted a job with Calvin Klein, which launched an amazingly successful career in the corporate business strategy side of the fashion industry. That career has lasted over 3o-years.


To satisfy my desire for creative writing, I self-published a children's book, produced play fundraisers, training guides, documentation and curricula for academic institutions. Today, as an NYU graduate, I continue to write and produce short stories, blogs, corporate communications and public relations work . 

In 2016, I attended NYU’s Women’s Film Festival, and met moderator, Kelly Edwards, former HBO Executive, Writer, Producer, and Entertainment Expert. When I shared that I was ready to return to school to study filmmaking, she inspired me to apply to NYU. On May 20th, 2022, I graduated from NYU, and I am well on my way to greatness. 


My  childhood, was wonderful and always inspiring. To save money, my mom made our clothes. As a public school teacher, she was a writer and also wrote children's books. She is a huge inspiration behind my success today.

Today, my goal, is to tell relevant stories that are thought-provoking and controversial. with conflict resolution that is educational, uplifting and most of all, inspiring through character empowerment and faith.  I'm always seeking exciting opportunities to create something amazing, so let's connect:



How I Got Here

My childhood inspiration

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