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"The Warmth of The Son”, my current project, highlights the story of my sister, Brenda Moore who fought for 15 years until she succumbed to her illnesses. It is a story of resilience and determination, love, laughter, and passion for life through adversity. It is spiritually rooted in the power of family and faith to overcome pain and suffering endured from destructive life choices. It is also a story of restorative healing, second chances, and redemption through faith.


This amazing woman, my role model and best friend, Brenda Moore, recognized that she was here for a very special purpose for a designated time. Her suffering seemed endless, but at the appointed time, the suffering ended so the story could go forth and inspire others. Now that Brenda is gone, others will learn of her courage, strength, and spirituality as she endured 15-years of sickness, which began with the AIDS virus in the late eighties. She would also overcome lung cancer and a stroke. Her life was filled with constant pain and ongoing illnesses, but in the end, it was Chronic Kidney Disease that claimed her life. My sister was my hero and a role model to many. I want people to know that her struggle may have begun with AIDS, but her story is NOT, just another AIDS storyClick here to preview the trailer for Warmth of the Sun

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The Warmth of the Sun. This full feature 50 minute documentary will make you laugh and cry, while reflecting on the power of life's choices and bad decisions that effect us for the rest of our lives. 

This story is educational and a great conversation starter for young men and woman during the teenage years when decisions and choices are most available with the biggest impact.
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"GONE, is a short film focusing on the extremely close-knit relationship between two sisters who have experienced family tragedy, causing them to rely solely on each other for everything until one day, the older sister is suddenly gone. The younger sister spirals through depression in coping with the separation from her sister. Gone is a story of love and co-dependency.

Click here to see the short film, GONE

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"Get Out" Edit Re-Cut. The assignment was to choose a movie trailer, then through editing, change the movie genre and storyline. I changed Get Out from a horror genre to a love story. 

Click here to preview the original trailer for Get Out
Click her to preview the re-cut trailer for Get Out
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