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Meet Gina Moore-Herring (Founder)

Gina Moore-Herring,  Writer, Filmmaker and Digital Content Creator, is a proud New Yorker and graduate of NYU where she studied Digital Communication & Media. Gina, also known as “G”,  started her creative journey in the Fashion Industry in production, and as a designer. Her dream job with Calvin Klein led her to Gerber Technology where she worked for 10 1/2 years learning the importance of technology in global business. Her “can do” fearless approach allowed her to build lifelong business networks and travel the world. It is also the catalyst to spearheading her own consulting company, where she uses her business savvy skills to work with corporations, large and small, saving them time and money through her strategic, transformative thinking. Gina is also a Certified Change Management Practitioner through the Prosci Organization. With over 25-years of consulting experience in Corporate America, Gina has brought about effective organizational change with sustainable solutions. 


Gina's NYU education nurtured her communication, media, filmmaking  and marketing skills. Her writing, editing and directing style is unapparelled, and while being an actor was not something she aspired to be, her goofy, animated and full of life personality, alongside her passionate drive, pushed her to cultivate the artistic vision by getting in front of the camera. Her short films are a testament to her ability to creatively convey messaging for herself and others through image branding and engaging storytelling. 


Gina's documentary, "The Warmth of the Sun" has received great praise. Her goal is to turn it into a full feature film. "Warmth of the Sun" was created to provide a glimpse into the life of her sister, Brenda, who found a way to inspire others through tragedy.  This film will make you laugh and cry, while it educates and inspires, because this story, is Not Just Another AIDS Tragedy!

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