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My name is Gina Moore-Herring and I am a filmmaker. As an NYU graduate with a degree in Digital Communication & Media, I had the opportunity to study filmmaking. During my last semester at NYU, 

I realized I was no longer calling myself an “aspiring” Writer and Filmmaker. Somewhere along the line, 

I realized, "I am" a Writer and Filmmaker. I have also taken on the role of editor, director and actor. 

Acting was not something I aspired to do, but I have always been a goofy, animated, and

a full of life performer who is not afraid of the camera or to make fun of myself because I am

passionate about everything I do.


While I have had a very successful career in Corporate America for over 25 years, and had the opportunity

to climb the corporate ladder, excel within organizations, and travel the world, writing

and telling stories has always been my passion. I was fortunate to utilize my writing skills in Corporate

America to bring about change and spark effective internal communication. My dedication to my work,

ultimately saved companies time and money, by establishing sustainable governance solutions

to ensure future success.


Today, I continue to work creatively, writing, editing and developing characters, to tell stories, with the

goal of reaching the masses to inspire and empower others by getting these stories onto the big screen. 

I have always allowed passion to guide me professionally and personally. it has become my mantra for maintaining a creative environment that allows me to thrive, feeling like work isn't really work at all.


I truly love creating art!

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